If you are looking for an easy way to make some beneficial changes to your diet & lifestyle, then look no further!

This programme is focused on restoring gut health, while maximizing your nutrient intake - this is not a program consisting of deprivation of any kind


  • A simple plan focused on achieving optimum gut health

  • A 30-day whole foods clean eating program

  • A system to equip people with the tools & knowledge to implement life-long health

  • A rest for the liver and kidneys to maximize function

  • An elimination program to help uncover food sensitivities

  • A weight management jump-start


Pictured- some of the amazing products available!

You will get personal coaching from Jayda Rose who has completed the 30 Day Plan herself and had incredible results. Increased mental clarity, glowing skin and weight loss are some of the benefits she experienced! AND - It was SO EASY!


You will also have private Facebook group support - a  friendly, non-judgemental community of other people doing the plan and lots of knowledgeable Arbonne Consultants coaching their clients through the plan

Many clients see the before/after testimonials of amazing weight loss achievements from people that have tried the plan already & automatically think that it's another meal-replacement fad - this is not the case, although many people do lose excess weight as a result of restoring gut health

The products you receive will supplement your breakfast, lunch & dinner and replace your caffeine intake for 30 days

Depending on what your goals are you are able to pick from the folowing:

  1. Enjoy three balanced meals a day, according to what's allowed on the approved list and supplement with the products

  2. Or replace just breakfast with an Arbonne Protein & Fibre Shake and enjoy lunch and evening meals according to what's allowed on the approved list

  3. Or replace breakfast and lunch with the Arbonne Protein & Fibre Shake and enjoy evening meals according to what's allowed on the approved list

  4. A combination of the above. The plan is flexible!


Many people who have tried the 30 Days to Healthy Living plan have experienced reduced bloating, weight loss, increase in energy, mental clarity & clearer skin


All products are vegan, kosher & GMO free, & formulated without artificial flavours, synthetic dyes, parabens, animal products, and by-products

Listen as Tanda Cook ND, naturopathic doctor and food expert, explains the benefits of the 30 Days to Healthy Living program and why she recommends it to all of her clients



If you have decided that you deserve to live a healthier and happier life or would like some more information, then go ahead and book in for your free, no obligation  consultation which can be carried out

in person at Lynch Lnae Offices (pictured)

or via a Zoom Call (available on most devices)

From the treatment bookings menu select 'Health & Wellness' and then '30 Days to Healthy Living'

The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like

This plan comes with a 45-day money back guarantee if there is something you are not happy with

Arbonne's strict botanical ingredient base boasts a list of 2000 banned ingredients and is unique to anything else on the market

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