Offering bespoke body contouring treatments based on each client's individual needs.

Using diode laser light therapy, ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum suction, a whole host of benefits offering unbelievable results can be achieved.

Now offering individual elements of the full package as separate, bookable services to make the services more affordable and available  for a wider range of clients.

No-Needle Fat Dissolve Injections are also available!


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how does it work?

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The full procedure breaks down, moves and removes unwanted fat cells depending on the areas that are being targeted. Breaking down cellulite and tightening skin improves texture and creates a much firmer and smoother appearance. This is a full body contouring system.

what results will you get?

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You will expect to see fat reduction in the area treated as well as improvement in stubborn cellulite and skin texture. Depending on lifestyle and aftercare, some clients will get an immediate result whereas others will see results after a course of sessions.











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Our four stage treatment combines fat busting LED laser light therapy with ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum suction, causing a change in the permeability of the cell membrane.

The cells are then broken down further using ultrasonic cavitation, causing the cell to burst and its contents to spill out into the body.

Radio frequency then helps to tighten and tone the skin to give the appearance of firmer and smoother skin. The triglycerides (liquidised fat) are then repositioned using our vacuum suction to contour and sculpt the body.

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Are the results immediate?

For some clients, the results are immediate but the fat busting elements of the treatment will continue working for 7 to 14 days after the appointment! For some clients a course of treatments may be required.

how many sessions are needed?

A course of 10 sessions; each administered 7-10 days apart is highly recommended to achieve the full benefits. Some clients may experience results in 5 sessions, some may need 15. This depends on individual anatomy, body composition, lifestyle factors, age, diet and exercise, and how well aftercare advice is followed.
Maintenance appointments as and when required, depending on the individual, are also recommended but not essential.

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How long does it last?

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Results such as cellulite reduction and skin tightening can be permanent. Maintenance appointments are recommended to maintain the desired look.
Fat reduction results can also be permanent if clients are on track to maintaining their weight or continue losing weight.

how long between treatments?

For the best possible treatments, a minimum of 7 days between treatments is required This is due to the body's lymphatic system and the drainage process taking this amount of time.

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is there any down time?

No, clients can return to their day as normal after the treatment although some redness is common after the treatment, and on rare occasions some bruising could be expected. Some aftercare guidance will need to be followed but this consists of a few, easy lifestyle tweaks for some of the days during the course.

does it hurt?

The treatment is painless, those more sensitive may find it slightly uncomfortable or an odd sensation during some parts of the treatment.

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The following contra-indications would prevent treatment:

  • A history of cancer and undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the last five years

  • Pregnant, receiving IVF or breastfeeding

  • Have a pace maker

  • Suffer from any liver disease or kidney disease

  • Have hepatitis (inflammatory condition of the liver)

The following contra-actions would restrict the treatment but would not prevent it:

  • Suffer from skin conditions or disease such as eczema or psoriasis (local to the area)

  • Prone to bruising easily

  • Suffer with blackout, fainting or dizziness

  • Silica buttock implants

A GP's note would be required for any client with any of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Blood disorders

  • Neurological disorders (epilepsy)

  • Muscular disorders

  • Skeletal or joint diseases

  • Taking or have taken steroids / cortisone

  • Recovering from an operation within the last 6 weeks local to the area)

  • Diagnosed with long term medical conditions

  • Suffering from osteoarthritis

  • Have metal plates/pins in the body (local to the area)

If you are required to provide Earth & Beauty with a GP's note, you should request the note using the wording in the following format: "I would like to provide my aesthetician with medical confirmation that I am safe to have ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency therapies for fat loss and skin tightening. Please may you confirm that my health condition (insert here) will not interfere with my suitability for this treatment." Your GP may charge you a small fee for providing this note and this will be your responsibility to meet this cost. This usually costs around £20-£30.

Which areas can be treated?

  • Upper Arms "Bingo Wings"

  • Back

  • Hips "Love Handles"

  • Stomach

  • Thighs

  • Knees

  • Lower Legs

  • Lower Arms & Elbows

  • Male Breast Tissue


Which areas can NOT be treated?

  • Female Breast Tissue

  • Any area that has previously been treated for cancer

  • Areas that contain lymph nodes

  • Neck

  • Upper & mid facial regions 


How much will it cost?

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Prices start from £29 for a single session per area, but a course of treatments is highly recommended to achieve the best results. Courses will be priced up and offered to you with a huge £££  saving. Book in for your FREE FACE TO FACE CONSULTATION with no obligation to go ahead.


Prices will differ from differ person to person depending on body composition and areas needing treatment.


By attending your mandatory, free consultation you will have the chance to discuss the areas you are interested in treating.


During your assessment your price will be given to you and you will be able to pay a deposit to secure your first appointment. Courses will need to be paid for in full in advance. Payment plans through Pretty Face Finance and Paypal Credit are both available through Earth & Beauty.

Machine System (Client Time 1 hour)

1 Session £42.00 (Price Per Session £42.00) 
10 Sessions £399.00 (Price Per Session £39.00) 
15 Sessions £555.00 (Price Per Session £37.00) 

Just Cavitation/Just Radiofrequency (Client Time 0.5 hour)

1 Session £29.00 (Price Per Session £29.00)
10 Sessions £279.00 (Price Per Session £27.90)
15 Sessions £375.00 (Price Per Session £25.00)

Ultrasonic Cavitation + No Needle Fat Dissolve (Client Time 1.5 hour)

1 Session £99.00 (Price Per Session £99.00)
10 Sessions £890.00 (Price Per Session £89.00)
15 Sessions £1199.00 (Price Per Session £79.90)

aftercare advice


To read aftercare advice for this treatment, be sure to check out the Aesthetics Aftercare Advice Page -

tap here for immediate access (opens in a new window)

Further support

If you are looking to further support your body's ability to work at its optimum level, Jayda Rose at Earth & Beauty is also qualified as a Holistic Health Practitioner with a diploma in Diet & Nutrition, so also offers a Nutrition Advice Session available to book via the booking menu. For only £29 you will learn about the life changing switches that have come as a result of years of studying and research, that have changed Jayda's life and body for the better!