what is a lash lift ?

A lash lift creates the illusion of longer, larger, thicker and fuller lashes by manipulating the hair direction. The treatment lifts the lashes from the roots and will set them in a much more eye-opening fashion.

There are no extensions used within this treatment.

The natural lash is treated and can create mind-blowing results that leaves clients no longer reaching for mascara or strip lashes, and saving time in the mornings

how is a lash lift different to lash extensions?

Lash lifts enhance the natural lash hairs without adding anything on to them, while lash extensions add synthetic hairs to each individual natural  lash hair.

A lash lift is a much lower-maintenance treatment that does not require infills or top up appointments.

Both do achieve a beautiful result - although a lash lift's results are much longer lasting and more comfortable for the client. You can even rub your eyes with no worries!

The lash lift eventually drops back to the natural state which isn't really noticeable in comparison to lash extensions being due for their top-up appointment, which can result in gappy-looking lashes as the client's own lash hairs naturally fall out

how long will it last?

With the proper aftercare advice being followed, clients can expect results lasting up to 6-8 weeks for the lift element of the treatment and up to 4 weeks for the tinting element of the treatment. The duration length does vary person to person and depends on lifestyle, aftercare and hair type

is a lash lift safe for me?

A Lash Lift is a safe and accurate method of hair manipulation suitable for most skin types and ages

You must state before your treatment if you are suffering with any conditions that may be affecting your eyes, and must not wear contact lenses to your appointment

You must have a patch test in advance of your treatment

how to book in

Please make your booking via the correct page in the treatments menu. You are able to choose a slot that suits you. You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email - so check your junk folder if it's your first time booking with Earth & Beauty.

You do require a patch test for this treatment

aftercare advice

For the first 48 hours after your treatment:

  • Do not touch the lashes as they are still setting

  • Do not sleep on your face

  • Do not enter a swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi

  • Do not apply any mascara to the lashes

  • Do not get the lashes wet, including excessive sweating from exercise etc.


After the first 48 hours following your treatment:​

  • Use a lash wand, as required, to comb the lashes  into place after sleeping or showering

  • Use a lash nourishing serum to condition the lashes and keep them in tip-top condition for your next treatment and for the health of the hairs