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what is no-needle Lip Filler?

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The treatment uses a state-of-the-art pressure-pen to deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin and lips with a quick and comfortable shot. No-needle hyaluronic treatments seek to achieve the same aim as injected treatments, but will provide a slightly more natural look

The ingredients rejuvenate and lift the skin and lips, providing hydration and stimulating collagen production. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that the body naturally produces, so chances of an allergic reaction are also extremely low


Your lip filler sessions are available to purchase per 1ml, and this 1ml is administered through two separate appointments spaced around 10 days apart. This allows for optimum product layering and will result in better retention. There is little or no pain, clients describe the treatment feeling like a slight tingling sensation

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This treatment is suitable for almost anyone considering they are aged over 18 years old and do not have any contraindications that could prevent their suitability


This treatment rehydrates clients' lips from the inside, so is the perfect treatment for those suffering with dryness on their lips

Many clients who have a thin upper lip want the treatment to provide more balance between their upper and lower lips. In this case, some shots of the solution will still be administered into the bottom lip to provide plumpness and hydration, but the main work can be carried out on the upper lip

Some clients may find that with the aging process their lips have lost some plumpness and this is the perfect treatment for them to nourish and revitalise the area

How Long can I expect the results to last?

The duration of results will be determined by many factors and will differ from client to client

Some of the factors that can impact the duration of results are:

  • Hydration - staying super hydrated after your treatment will facilitate the longevity of your fillers, otherwise the face/body can absorb the hyaluronic acid to boost other areas that need hydration

  • Smoking - non-smokers are likely to expect longer from their results as the ingredients of tobacco based products are proven to dehydrate the face and skin

  • Amount - having 2ml will most likely result in longer lasting results, in comparison to having 1ml

  • Age - more mature clients may find that their fillers do not last as long as someone aged 18, this is because the body could redistribute the HA to other parts of the face and body to aid their hydration

  • Health - if a client uses any medication this can impact the results. A full consultation will be carried out beforehand where clients must declare any medication they are taking, as well as any health conditions

On average clients can expect several months out of their results, but due to the factors above and other factors, this can vary dramatically so anywhere between 1-12 months can be expected, with an average of 3-9 months

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What about after the treatment?

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Unlike traditional lip fillers that leave clients with considerable bruising and swelling, the no-needle system leaves clients with minimal to none. This means a dramatically reduced recovery time, with clients being able to continue with their lives with minimal disruption. However, clients should still prepare for a worst-case scenario which would include some bruising and swelling, so that they are prepared for any eventuality. Earth & Beauty will ensure that clients are given the correct aftercare advice and will be available for follow up support if required

How much will it cost?

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For 1ml the cost is only £169 which is much cheaper than traditional needle-fillers


Within a 90 day time frame of the last Lip Filler appointment, clients are able to access a discounted price for a further 1ml for only £129


Payment plans are available for this treatment, enquire to learn more!

In some cases where clients have already had some filler administered, Earth & Beauty reserves the right to refuse treatment if it deems that more filler would result in unflattering results or impact the client negatively in any way. The treatment is offered to boost confidence and accentuate clients' natural features, not to create an unnatural or disproportioned look

aftercare advice


To read aftercare advice for this treatment, be sure to check out the Aesthetics Aftercare Advice Page -

tap here for immediate access (opens in a new window)

Further support

If you are treating your lips to the full works, then why not enquire about lip products available through Earth & Beauty's online store?

There are many types of show-stopping cosmetics available, as well as designer inspired fragrances

Jayda Rose will be available to contact for any follow up advice needed, as part of Earth & Beauty's exceptional client aftercare service