Stubborn areas of fat?

Diet & exercise not enough? Scared of injections? Struggling to get the post-lockdown weight off?

Earth & Beauty has got you!

-Hollywood results at a fraction of the cost


what is no-needle fat dissolve?

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Needleless lipolysis works by hydrolysing the wall of the fat cell and therefore making it release its lipid content. It can be used almost anywhere on the body

What's the difference between Liposuction & Fat Dissolve? Liposuction surgery removes fat cells completely, whereas Fat Dissolve treatments empty the fat cells which means weight can be put back on if you turn back to an unhealthy diet & lifestyle


The treatment uses a state-of-the-art pressure-pen to deliver product into the subcutaneous fat layers with a quick and comfortable shot. There is little to no pain, clients describe the treatment feeling like a slight tingling sensation. This is a revolutionary technique that can dissolve local fat. It reduces unflattering and stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without the need for liposuction or surgery




Ideal clients should be within 15% of their ideal body weight. These clients can expect to see noticeable results within 1-3 sessions, depending on their body and lifestyle. Results differ person to person. Clients who are in excess of 15% of their ideal body weight, are also eligible for having the treatment but may need to have more sessions to have noticeable results. These clients are likely to have better results when having the treatment done on areas that have less fat to start with as the product will be able to penetrate through the skin and fat layers more effectively

Which areas can be treated?

  • Chin

  • Upper Arms "Bingo Wings"

  • Back

  • Hips "Love Handles"

  • Stomach

  • Thighs

  • Knees


Which areas can NOT be treated?

  • Breast Tissue

  • Any area that has previously been treated for cancer

  • Areas that contain lymph nodes

  • Neck

  • Upper & mid facial regions 


How much will it cost?

bikini bottoms

Prices start from £99 for the chin and £199 for the body for a course of three treatments. Prices will differ from differ person to person depending on body composition and areas needing treatment.


By attending your mandatory, free consultation you will have the chance to discuss the areas you are interested in treating.


During your assessment, based on Earth & Beauty's grid-measuring system, your price will be given to you.


Discount available for a longer course of sessions.

The discounted follow-up price will be honoured for up to 90 days after the previous appointment, after which the full price will be payable for a further treatment 

aftercare advice


To read aftercare advice for this treatment, be sure to check out the Aesthetics Aftercare Advice Page -

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Further support

If you are looking to further support your body's ability to work at its optimum level, Jayda Rose at Earth & Beauty is also qualified as a Holistic Health Practitioner with a diploma in Diet & Nutrition, so also offers a Nutrition Advice Session available to book via the booking menu. For only £29 you will learn about the life changing switches that have come as a result of years of studying and research, that have changed Jayda's life and body for the better!