what is patch testing?


Patch testing is a straight forward and simple process for therapists to ensure clients aren't allergic to any of the products used, before the treatment commences

What is involved?

You can expect to have a small amount of product placed on an inconspicuous area of skin and covered with a plaster. Clients that have interest in multiple treatments will be able to have multiple patch tests  on the same day


can we do the treatment on the same day?

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For Tinting, Brow Lamination and Lash Lifts there is a minimum time frame of 24 hours required between having the patch test and having the actual treatment

For Microstrokes Microblading there is a minimum period of 48 hours needed between having the scratch test and having the actual treatment

Please ensure you keep this in mind when booking in for your patch tests and appointments via the booking page

What is a scratch test?


A scratch test is a term used for the patch test a client would have before Microstrokes Microblading.

An inconspicuous test area on the client's arm or back is used to create a tiny hair-stroke incision so that the ink can be tested for the potentiality of an allergic reaction.

The test is done under the skin, as oppose to on top of he skin. This is so that a more realistic test can be carried out, that is most accurate to the treatment itself

what if i've had a patch test elsewhere?

You will still require a patch test with Earth & Beauty as different salons use different products so you may have been tested with a different product.

Unless the patch test is carried out by Earth & Beauty,  the actuality, concision and outcome of the patch test can not otherwise be determined by Earth & Beauty

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how often do i need a patch test?


For Microstrokes Microblading you will need a Scratch Test before every appointment; whether it be during your consultation before your very firs treatment, or before top-up appointments

For Tinting, Brow Lamination and Lash Lifts you will need further patch tests if you leave a period of 6 months or longer from your last relating treatment

If you become pregnant or begin to suffer with any skin conditions, a further patch test would be required