Born in London, to English & Turkish heritage and raised between London, Essex & Suffolk, Jayda Rose (AKA Jeyda Yilmaz) has had the chance to see both Eastern and Western cultures growing up, as well as living, working and studying around the South of England

Jayda's first language is English, although she also speaks fluent Turkish, which she learnt as a teen to honour her roots

Having moved to Weymouth originally in 2008, Jayda has settled well in Dorset and has a real soft spot for Bournemouth

Jayda has had a rewarding and fun career in Youth Work around Dorset and has been lucky enough to work with young people aged 6-20, empowering them to achieve their goals


Since going on a massive health-kick in 2019, Jayda decided that after 2 years of being pescetarian that it was time to make the switch to a plant based diet. This lifestyle had massively aligned with Jayda's views for a long-time and making this change was not as difficult as one may think. Veganism is the logical solution to climate control, ending animal cruelty, and living a healthier and longer life

Search Joey Carbstrong on Youtube for some brilliant discussions 

Jayda is working towards being able to live and work around the world, through building her Brow Artistry, Aesthetics & Wellness Business. She is passionate about helping others and enjoys the satisfaction of seeing clients' reactions to their treatment results. Clients' expressions say it all!


Pictured here, Jayda's 1st ever duet performance with her Bellydancing teacher & friend Bobbi. Jayda has been a Student Bellydancer for several years and enjoys learning the sensual moves and connecting with the beautiful oriental music that is so close to her heart and Turkish heritage

Jayda & Andy have been together since 2015 and met in Weymouth where they both worked for a well known pizza outlet. Colleague-ship blossomed into friendship, and friendship blossomed into romance; after a year of getting to know one another they finally became an item.

Who was  to know that such an accepting, mind-opening, liberating, passionate, respectful, and deeply loving relationship was on the cards for these two!


As well as a career in Youth Work, Jayda also worked as a  Detainee Custody Officer for the UK Home Office based from The Verne Prison on Portland. Jayda's role was to transport immigration-status detainees around the UK, collecting them from and dropping them off to prisons, airports, police stations and more. Jayda used to drive the big ol' transportation vans every day, and worked up to 18-hour shifts doing many stops

Jayda loves travelling and has visited some breathtaking places in many countries over the last few years. Countries visited include Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Malta, Netherlands & Spain

Jayda's partner Andy is from Portugal so has taken her many times and shared some hidden gems with her


Pictured here on the official set of FRIENDS, Jayda loves getting the chance to curl up on the sofa with a box-set or movie. Other favourites include; Black Mirror, 2 Broke Girls, Orphan Black, Power. Favourite movie genre is sci-fi or psychological thriller

Joey is Jayda & Andy's beautiful black and white cat. He certainly turns their house in to a home with his sweet temperament and playful, little self. His favourite pose is to lay down on his back like a starfish and have his belly rubbed like a puppy!


Follow him on IG via joey_theblackandwhite_cat 


Jayda has used natural methods and knowledge alone to tackle and overcome several health-related difficulties throughout her twenties such as Complex PTSD, Extreme Migraines, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Arthritis, Contraception and some other ailments

Jayda has learned that gut health and what we consume has a massive impact on our bodies' overall health and wellness and would love to share this knowledge with you - book in here.

Jayda's strong passion and interest in natural products and remedies across the health, beauty and wellness industry resulted in her making many positive, personal choices for herself and also the chance to help others in the same way through launching her Nutrition Advice Session


Having launched Earth & Beauty in Spring 2019, Jayda is constantly growing her business through training, networking  and innovation. New treatments are regularly being launched and new ideas materialising. From what started as a piece of thread, a Youtube-Tutorial and young woman's dream, a fully functioning and profiting business has emerged! 

- "Follow your dreams guys!"

During the Covid-19 lockdown, of Spring 2020, self-isolation welcomed some exciting and fresh ideas so Jayda decided to expand her business and launch her exciting, new lifestyle brand, eponymously named Jayda Rose


Keep an eye out for exciting updates coming soon!