What exactly is SPMU?


Save yourself time and money and have your most noticed facial features enhanced with Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU). Also known as Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing and Permanent Make Up, it refers to the precision of depositing a small amount of hypoallergenic pigment 1mm deep into the skin.


Unlike standard tattoos, this method is Semi-Permanent and can last average 3-5 years without a colour refresh. Although we do recommend a colour refresh every 8-18 months to keep the colour looking bolder.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

which areas can be treated?

This method is ideal for clients who want to naturally enhance the look of their eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner, using the machine method for long lasting and effective results.

Permanent Eyebrows

How is digital spmu brows different to traditional microblading?

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress


Microblading is carried out with a manual tool that has a collection of fine needles that form a blade. Digital is achieved using a tattoo machine and a single vibrating needle. The Digital technique means the pigment is implanted slightly deeper into the skin therefore lasting longer; approx 2-4 years.

What can i expect on the day of the treatment?

On the day of your treatment, your appointment will last 2-3 hours

Before the SPMU procedure is carried out, following your brow bone, your perfect shape will be measured and drawn on so that you are completely satisfied with the shape and size before commencing. Earth & Beauty will not use any type of stencils for the brow mapping stage of the treatment, each client will receive a bespoke and unique shape to enhance their brows and face

Earth & Beauty carries a wide range of shades to suit all tastes and skin/hair tones

Colours range from lightest blonde to darkest brown


What about my natural hairs or scarred skin?

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The brows are not shaved during the treatment, we want to keep as much brow hair as possible when designing the shape and thread the stray hairs at a separate appointment


The procedure doesn't damage hair follicles and doesn't reduce future hair growth. Once the treatment has been received, it’s easy to tweeze any strays that are outside of the strokes or pop in for your regular threading treatment

SPMU does cover scars although clients with scarring can expect the scarred area to potentially retain pigment differently, although this is not always the case.

What about other eyebrow treatments?

Beauty Treatment

Any threading or hair removal in the brow area should be performed at least 48 hours before the procedure


If you are undertaking electrolysis on the brow area, please ensure that it is no less than 5 days before the procedure

can you cover or correct previously tattooed brows?

The short answer is YES!

Depending on each client's individual brow condition, some clients will be able to have a combination of strokes and shading to cover any previous work straight away or some may be advised to receive a couple of sessions of laser-tattoo removal to lighten the tattoos a few shades before the SPMU can be carried out. This will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup


Permanent makeup

Lips do become thinner over time and lose their volume, including the outer border. Having lip colour tattooed onto your natural lip tissue creates a fuller appearance without the need for fillers. It also helps create a lip outline without the need to apply lipstick so often, if at all. Many shades are available to create anything from a more natural look to a super glamorous look - this will be discussed during your consultation appointment.



Eyeliner styles are created bespoke to suit your eye shape, with thickness and tapering to enhance the lash line. This is a brilliant solution for those who are sensitive to make up, or if your mascara or eyeliner smudges, if you have trouble applying your own eyeliner symmetrically, or you just struggle to see properly while applying it.

Permanent Eyelash Makeup



All clients are required to be patch / scratch tested to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the products being used

The pigment will go under a micro-scratch and the anaesthetic will be placed under a plaster

  • On top of the arm

  • On the lower back


After 24 hours remove the plaster and after 48 hours examine the skin. If there is no reaction, i.e. no redness, swelling, irritation or itching, then it is safe to proceed with the treatment



Should you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, remove the plaster and immediately flush the area with cold water


If all is well, please go ahead and book your Microstrokes appointment via the treatment menu


The correct colour will be mixed for you at your first treatment. The patch-test colour is for patch test purposes only and may be a different shade



  • Alcohol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Coumadin must be avoided at least 48 hours prior to procedure

  • Do not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor

  • Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen or red, it is advised not to make social plans for the same day

  • Please wear your normal makeup to your appointment on the day of the procedure

  • We do not allow any family or friends in the treatment room with you


Vitamins and pills

What if i'm poorly?

Clients that have had cancer will need to be in remission for a minimum of 6 months before having their
SPMU treatment

Medicine Prescription

SPMU is not suitable for people who have any of the following ailments/conditions/treatments:

Pregnant, cancer, hyper pigmentation, lupus, skin disorders, scars heavily or prone to keloids, HIV, mitral valve prolapse, haemophilia veneral disease, hepatitis, undergoing radiation/ chemotherapy, epilepsy, infectious disease, respiratory fainting attacks, taking blood thinners/ anti-coagulant, steroids, high blood pressure, excessive sebum



Pregnant Belly

Pregnant ladies are unable to have this treatment and must wait until after childbirth

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from SPMU, so you have landed in the right place

To see a full list of of non compatible ailments see below. If you are suffering with any of these listed conditions, you will not be able to have SPMU until you have recovered


can i have spmu at the same time
as other treatments?

Lip Botox Injection
Beauty Treatment
  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections  – Restricted for 10-14 days. Typically injected into the Corrugator Muscle, Crows Feet and Frontalis Muscle

  • Dermal Fillers – Avoid the area to avoid migration of filler until the filler has depleted/settled

  • Skin Rejuvenation IPU

  • Laser Non-Invasive – Used to treat, Rosacea, Age Spots, Sun Damage & Tone Texture

  • PDO Threads – Used to lift sagging skin, areas such as; cheeks, jowls, neck and eyebrows. Avoid the area for a minimum of 6 weeks

  • Rhytidectomy and Blepharoplasty – Clients must provide a surgeon's letter before performing any treatment – 4 weeks minimum is recommended

  • Glycolic Acid Peel AHA Exfoliant – NOT to be used in conjunction with BB Glow

  • Anti – Aging Skincare Products – Retinol Vitamin A Fruit Acid  These products work by thinning the Epidermis. It is possible to over-do the use of anti-aging products and treatments and can have a reverse effect of premature aging of the skin later in life.



Will i feel any discomfort or pain?

A brilliant anaesthetic cream/ numbing gel is used during the treatment so that pain and discomfort is very minimal. 

Some clients are more sensitive than others but you will be made to feel comfortable throughout your visit and treatment.

Straight after the treatment, skin may look and feel a  little bit sore, but any redness is usually gone within 2 hours

Permanent Eyebrows


  • For the first hour after the treatment, blot the treated area with a tissue

  • Apply thin layer of product with a cotton swab 3 times per day for 3 days

  • Gently wash the area with a non-scented soap or cleanser morning and night for 7 days

  • Do not pick, scratch or irritate the tattoo 


  • Hot tubs, steam rooms, pools, long hot showers, sweaty exercise

  • Direct sunlight or tanning beds for 2 weeks

  • Putting makeup on the area for 1 week

  • Facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks

Permanent Lip Makeup

What can i expect during the brow healing process?


Due to natural skin regeneration, after the recovery period, brows may appear lighter for a short period of time, before going darker again

Each individual's healing and skin is different so healing times may differ. This image gives a rough idea of what the healing stages can look like, which includes scabbing, patchiness and darker and lighter periods

This is all normal so do not worry!

You will be given a sachet of Vitamin A&D Ointment to use on your brows to nourish and aid healing of the treated area. This will massively improve the healing process

Although there are often differences between skin types the general trend of healing is as follows:

Day 1

Clients may experience some swelling in the area which typically resolves soon after the treatment. There may be residual plasma or blood clotting over the tattoo. This is the result of the body’s healing process when a wound is inflicted. Eyebrows will appear up to 50% darker and more intense in colour.
This is due to pigment embedding in the upper layer of the epidermis which will eventually flake off.

Days 2-3

The eyebrows will begin to scab and hair strokes feel somewhat raised when touched. Clients will experience itching as the skin starts to heal itself. It is critical that the client does not pick or scratch the eyebrows as this will impact pigment retention (i.e. hair strokes may heal in patches). Clients can use the Vitamin A & D cream and a cotton bud once more to relieve this.

Days 4-7

Scabbing and eventual flaking of the eyebrows will occur until they no longer feel raised. The itching sensation should be minimized once the skin has fully exfoliated. Clients may be concerned that there is little colour retention at this point due to masking by the epidermal layer of the skin.

Days 8-45

The pigment implanted in the upper dermis will solidify and a touch up of the eyebrows can be undertaken at the 6-week point. Assessments where additional hair strokes or pigment adjustments are required can be made.

free top-up after four weeks

Eyebrows Makeup

At your initial appointment you are offered a 4-week top-up session, which is offered free-of-charge. This is to allow your healed results to be looked at by an expert eye and to check on the healing process. 

During this appointment, clients will receive another session of the treatment, with no further charge, this will allow for longer lasting results and will give Earth & Beauty the opportunity to correct any inconsistencies from the healing period.

Will i need to have any maintenance treatments?

images (1).jfif

In order to keep your SPMU results in perfect condition, it will be necessary to have a colour boost/ top-up procedure every 8 to 18 months, though the actual time frame for this will vary for each individual. You will be able to receive a generous discount for having your top-up within 12 months so make sure to book in for this

By having an annual top-up, your results will be permanent

Will going in the sun affect my spmu?

To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible, avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays and use a good sunscreen or moisturiser with an SPF50


Often, even with proper aftercare, clients can (during their healing process) occasionally develop some bald spots or lose some of their natural hairs which may make brows appear uneven. This is normal as clients’ skin regeneration is not a process that can be controlled.

All clients are offered a touch up after 6 weeks to ensure that the brows are perfectly even, and the desired effect has been achieved.

Most clients will not experience any balding patches but those who do should not be alarmed as it is temporary while the skin heals!

I'm experiencing some bald patches, is this normal?


amazing pricing & payment plan option


Easy as 1,2,3..

  1. Card or Paypal online at the time of booking

  2. Cash or Card in person

  3. Payment Plans through Laybuy, Paypal Credit or Pretty Face Finance


Most providers do not offer a payment plan option


Earth & Beauty is fully qualified to  Level 4 CPD (ABT accredited) in Microblading & Ombre Shading (Microstrokes Microblading, Oxford) and Full Semi Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner, Brows and Lips (Robyn Raye Academy, Kent)

Beware that some providers that are practicing SPMU illegally without a license, Earth & Beauty is fully licensed by Dorset County Council to carry out these treatments. This means that the treatment area must be kept to a clinically acceptable standard and home appointments are not permitted.

Earth & Beauty is fully insured by Westminster Insurance, for your protection and peace of mind

Earth & Beauty has an up-to-date Tattoo Infection Control Certificate

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What is the minimum age requirement?

Clients will be required to be of at least 18 years of age to have this treatment.

I.D may be required and Earth & Beauty retains the right to refuse service to anyone that appears to be underage and not able to show a valid form of I.D

Acceptable forms of I.D are; Driving License, Passport, EU Citizen Card


So, what about the booking process?


1. Read this whole fact sheet & FAQs page. This page includes everything you need to know & conveniently shows your aftercare advice, so you can check back whenever you need to

2. Book in for SPMU Consultation and attend, have a patch / scratch test at this appointment

3. After 48 hours Earth & Beauty will be in contact with you to find out how you have responded to the scratch test. Considering all is well, you will be then be able to book in for your appointment online

4. Booking in: By now, you should have already thought about how you will be paying. Earth & Beauty offers many payment options and you'll be able to choose which method you prefer



The booking / payment options you can choose from are:

a. Full payment: in advance, online, at the time of booking, via the booking page. Please go ahead and book in online now if this is for you and you have had a successful patch test*

b. Pay £50.00 non-refundable deposit: via bank transfer, on the day of booking to secure your appointment, then pay the remainder, in person with cash or card, on the day of your appointment. If you would like this option, please select 'Pay In Person' via the checkout and the deposit amount will be deducted from your remaining balance on the day of your appointment. You will be sent the BACS details in a private message

c. Pay in monthly instalments: If you are choosing this option you will need to arrange your payment plan before booking your SPMU appointment. Please visit Pretty Face Finance by clicking 'Payment Plans' from the Earth & Beauty menu to arrange yours. Pretty Face Finance has its own deposit system, so you will pay your deposit directly via PFF instead. Once you have arranged your payment plan, please go ahead and book in for your appointment and select 'Pay In Person' via the checkout. The term 'Pay In Person' also includes clients using the payment plan option. Alternatively, Laybuy and Paypal Credit offer payment plans which are built in to Earth & Beauty's checkout process for your ease and convenience
Please note: A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required if clients wish to reschedule their SPMU appointment otherwise their deposit will be lost. Rescheduling to another day within a 30 day period, with at least 24 hours notice, is acceptable and the appointment can be carried out as normal *Cancellations from clients who have paid in full, in advance of their appointment will be refunded the full amount minus £50.00 to cover the deposit

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

but, i still have more questions!

Talking on phones

If you have already read-up all the information on this page and still have some questions, please go ahead and reach out via call, SMS, or Whatsapp on 07811181101

If unable to get through straight away, please leave a message and you will be called back within 48 hours

Please note, all bookings are made online only. Why don't you go ahead and book in for your SPMU Consultation via the easy and secure booking system?