what is tinting?


Tinting is a form of hair-dye that is milder than what you would use on your locks. The specially designed formula allows for optimum and long lasting results on clients' brows and lashes

what will the result look like?

Tinting can be used to create very subtle, mild, medium, dark or super dark results. Every client has the opportunity to discuss what their desired results are as well as choose from multiple colours, or even request a custom colour mix. Tinting creates a natural, but more filled in look, giving shape and definition to those sparser areas, and colouring lighter or greying hairs


do i need tinting?


Most clients do have a tint to go with their threading and it does indeed make the world of difference to create that ultra-finished look. Tinting is a suitable and  flattering treatment for everyone, ranging from those who have super light, blonde or white hairs, to those who have black or even tattooed brows. Tinting evens out the hair colours, fills in gaps and creates a more alert and youthful appearance around the eye area

how long will it last?

Tinting can last anywhere between 2-6 weeks although for most people the time the results last for is usually around a month. Most clients come back once a month for their thread and tint treatment. Each individual's hair, skin, lifestyle and habits will determine how long it lasts for them


is tinting safe for me?


Tinting is a safe, accurate and mild method of hair colouring suitabled for most skin types and ages. You must state before your treatment if you are suffering with any conditions that may be affecting your skin.

You will require a patch test before being able to have a tinting treatment at Earth & Beauty

how to book in

Please make your booking via the correct page in the treatments menu. You are able to choose a slot that suits you. You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email - so check your junk folder if it's your first time booking with Earth & Beauty. You do not need a patch test.


aftercare advice


To read aftercare advice for this treatment, be sure to check out the Beauty Aftercare Advice Page -

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