are treatments suitable for males?

Most men spend a lot of time and effort grooming their beards and visiting the barbers for a fresh trim, so why neglect the other facial hair?

Earth & Beauty is experienced in offering brow and lash treatments to male and female clients alike and results are unique to each individual

will i be able to maintain a masculine look with my treatment results?

No matter what your brow concern is, overgrown, busy brows that need taming, a monobrow, or hair so blonde that its invisible - Earth & Beauty has got your back. You will have a full consultation before the treatment is given so that you are able to discuss the desired results and come to a mutual understanding before the treatment goes ahead. You can maintain a rugged look on your brows with natural-looking edges, or a more crisp finish with sharper lines - either way, your treatment is bespoke and unique to you

why should i have a tint?

Tinting treatments on the brows and lashes are an amazing and subtle way to enhance one's appearance without making it obvious to others that a treatment has even been carried out. Male clients with especially light natural hair, especially benefit from having their brows and lashes darkened as the natural-looking, darker pigments reflect health and vitality, while creating the illusion of enhanced eye colour and size

how long will it last?

The hair regrowth element of your treatment depends on your own hair type and whereabouts your hair is within the growth cycle, the hairs that get removed with threading may start to grow back within 2-4 weeks


Those with dark, coarse hair may find that regrowth is quicker than someone with fair and fine hair

Brow Lamination treatment results can last up to 4-6 weeks and during this time it is advised to use a brow conditioning serum on the brows to best take care of your brow hairs

The tinting element of the treatment usually lasts 2-4 weeks for most clients. The skin under the brows tends to hold the dye for up to a week, while the hairs themselves for an additional 1-3 weeks

You may notice that for the first couple of days the tint is slightly bolder than the remainder of the results' time. This is a completely normal for both tint and hair dye. You will not be left with thick, dark, unsightly brows though - so rest assured. Tint colours vary from very light to very dark and can be custom-mixed to match your desired outcome and natural complexion and hair tone

is brow lamination suitable for me?

Brow lamination lifts the hairs from the root and sets the brows into a new shape. It is used to create thicker looking brows without the need for microblading. Brow hairs appear thicker and more bulked out, as well as being conditioned and cared for with the amazing ingredient base including keratin and herbal extracts

Brow lamination is a safe and accurate method of brow hair styling and is suitable for most skin types and ages. You must state before your treatment if you are suffering with any conditions that may be affecting your skin and could potentially result in any type of reaction.

You must correctly follow the aftercare advice to maximise the longevity of your treatment results

what about microblading?

Microstrokes Microblading offers the newest and most improved type of microblading available on the market. It is a semi-permanent treatment, with results lasting for years when annual top-ups are received. Tiny blades are used together with an amazing tattoo-ink that sits under the skin to create the illusion of natural hair strokes. To read more about this treatment, have a look at the FAQ page for Microstrokes Microblading which contains everything you need to know!

what else do you offer?

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The typical results are different for everyone. Results vary depending on individual effort, body composition, age, eating patterns, exercise, and the like

What about skincare?

Earth & Beauty is proud to have its very own Arbonne Store where all of these products and more, are available at your convenience. As well as being luxury and affordable, Arbonne products are also completely cruelty free and boast an impressive botanical ingredient base. Just look at these results!

Among many other top-end products, you are also able to purchase the RE9 Advanced For Men Set which will leave you wondering how you got through life without it! Enquire if you would like some before/after testimonials. or how this product range could work for you

how to book in

Please make your booking via the correct page in the treatments menu. You are able to choose a slot that suits you. You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email - so check your junk folder if it's your first time booking with Earth & Beauty

You will need a patch test before tinting, lamination or microblading so ensure you book in for this also

aftercare advice

For the first 48 hours after your treatment:

  • Do not rub or touch the brows or the area around the brows where hair removal has been carried out

  • Do not enter a swimming pool, sauna or jacuzzi

  • Do not apply any cosmetics to the treated area

  • Avoid excessive sweating

  • Do not get the brows wet, including excessive sweating from exercise etc.


After the first 48 hours following your treatment:​

  • Use a brow wand, as required, to comb the brows backup into place after sleeping or showering

  • Use a brow nourishing serum to condition the brows and keep them in tip-top condition for your next treatment and for the health of the hairs

This advertisement has been produced by Jeyda Yilmaz (A.K.A Jayda Rose Yilmaz), an Arbonne Independent Consultant and has not been prepared or provided by Arbonne.