What if you could earn an extra stream of income by recommending and selling your favorite products? I started my businesses in 2019, and after consistently putting time and effort into income-producing activity, I could quit my job and rely solely on income from my businesses! I would love to support you in building your own business! With Arbonne there are bonuses that can be earned at each level, including a Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus at the VP level!

There are no guarantees. Results are different for everyone. For more information, please visit

Jayda Rose at Earth & Beauty is looking for like-minded individuals to join her growing team, both in Dorset and afar. You can be anywhere in the world that has a good internet connection to run this business and join this amazing team

Come and have a free meeting with at Lynch Lane Offices or via Video Call and learn how you can become part of one of the fastest growing international multi-level-marketing companies!

Have all the perks of running your own business with the added benefits of being part of an international company


Be immersed into a community of positive, empowering and like minded individuals where you will make friends and be part of the many training and social events throughout the year

Benefits of signing up as an Independent Consultant: 

  • Consultant specials and incentives

  • Complimentary product, choose from a list of our bestsellers with qualifying 150QV purchase during Start Month

  • Manage your business online and receive your own replicated website

  • Jayda Rose will coach you to build your online business

  • Earn when you sell: 35% profit on your Standard Retail Price sales and
    15% profit on your Preferred Client sales

  • Earn when you and your team meet incentive goals; Jewellery, trips, cash bonuses and more as recognition for your success

  • Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus

  • The list of benefits is actually endless when you consider the large volume of people you could be helping in your circle of family and friends, clients and anyone else you meet. The feeling of helping others with their health and wellness can not be measured.

I am looking specifically for individuals that are wanting to build themselves and their loved ones a better future in the long term with focus on health and wellness, with the goal of being completely financially independent

You will need to have a basic understanding of social media to run this business and be willing to be coachable and implement a simple system on a consistent basis

If you are a suitable candidate, the sign up process is extremely easy and we can get started pretty quickly

Book in now for your free meeting with me

so we can talk more about how you can transform your life and generate an income from home - anywhere in the world!

Let me coach you to success!

In the meantime, why don't you have a look at my online Arbonne store

This is the very same online store that you will receive personalised for you;

for your friends, family, followers and clients to buy from directly.

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Arbonne products are suitable for people with extra-sensitive skin as well as being cruelty free, vegan,  kosher and GMO free and  are formulated without artificial flavours, synthetic dyes, parabens, animal products, and by-products


Arbonne's strict botanical ingredient base boasts a list of 2000 banned ingredients and is unique to anything else on the market

The financial success of a Consultant depends on their effort, dedication, skill, income-

producing activity, and the time spent training and coaching their team. Earnings vary significantly and depend on a range of factors



What is Network Marketing?

It is simply word of mouth referral. Network Marketing Companies cut out expenses (like advertising) to provide a better quality product and ordinary people like you and I get paid for our word of mouth recommendation of their product or service.


What is Arbonne?

It’s a Health and Wellness Company that has incredible botanically based products and an amazing income opportunity that helps people create an additional income by consuming and recommending their products.


How do you make money from Arbonne?

Well, everybody showers everyday and we all use personal care products. You earn money because you have the ability to get paid an override on the volume of product going through your network. This increases as you promote. You also receive 35% commission from Client orders & 15% commission on PCs.


Is it Selling?

There are many ways to grow an Arbonne business. It is about simply sharing information on products and/ or an income opportunity that you are passionate about & showing others to do the same. It is selling but not in the way you know it.


Is it a Pyramid?

It’s absolutely not - they are illegal. Arbonne is a legitimate Network Marketing company that is a member of the Direct Selling Association. It is an effort-based business where it is possible to earn more than the person who introduced you.


What’s so great about the products?

They benefit from having botanically based ingredients that produce results. In recent clinical trials the products significantly outperformed competitive products.


What makes Arbonne different from other companies?

Firstly the products are ultra-premium in quality and secondly it is a completely online company. Personally, I don’t have to deliver products, take payments, or hold stock. Once someone has been introduced to Arbonne they buy online through their own unique login details and Arbonne do the rest.


I’ve read some negative blogs about Arbonne/ Network Marketing?

Bloggers are people who anonymously write their opinions on the Internet, they are often biased so therefore not always factual sources of information. If you want to look into Arbonne I highly recommend you do that but make sure you look in the right places. Start with:


How much time does it take?

It takes as much time as you choose to spend on it. Most people do this alongside their full time job for additional income, so if you don’t have lots of extra time, you just fit it in. It is effort based so the more time you commit to it the more successful you will be.

This website is owned and operated by Jeyda Yilmaz (A.K.A Jayda Rose Yilmaz), an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and is not endorsed by Arbonne. Any opinions expressed on this website are made by and the responsibility of the Independent Consultant and should not be construed as a representation of the opinions of Arbonne. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Independent Consultant will be financially successful, as each Independent Consultant’s results are dependent on their own skill and effort. You should not rely on the results of other Arbonne Independent Consultants as an indication of what you should expect to earn. The annual typical earning statement is contained in the Arbonne Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) available at

This advertisement has been produced by Jeyda Yilmaz (A.K.A Jayda Rose Yilmaz), an Arbonne Independent Consultant and has not been prepared or provided by Arbonne.