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· I certify that I have read and completed the T&Cs to the best of my knowledge during the booking process

· I understand that failure to disclose information requested during booking may result in adverse side effect, unknown because of this to which I accept full responsibility

· I understand that any services I receive may carry a risk of injury. I recognise that as a result of these services, unpredictable side effects may occur, including, but not limited to, redness of the skin, inflammation, feeling of light-head, skin irritation and allergic reactions. I understand that a medical evaluation is advisable before receiving any service

· I fully understand the consent and treatment/s to be carried out. The undertaking of the treatment/s has been fully explained to me. I accept full responsibility for this and or other complications which may arise or result during or following any procedure that is performed at my request

· I accept that if I am not satisfied with the treatment, I will inform the therapist immediately following the treatment

· I accept the terms and conditions made clear to me at the time of booking and can choose to see a copy of these at any time

· I will follow the after-care advice that is found under the corresponding treatment info pages, accessible by selecting 'About' and then the specific treatment, via the Earth & Beauty menu

· I will pay for any damages and breakages that I am responsible for during my time in the treatment room

· I will continue to keep Earth & Beauty informed of any medical problems or change in my physical condition which may affect services that I have scheduled

· I acknowledge that Earth & Beauty is not engaged in diagnosing or treating medical diseases or conditions

· I expressly assume all risks to me associated with any service I receive, and waive any claim which I might otherwise open as a result of injuries resulting from or relating to my participation in one or more services

· Earth & Beauty will not be liable for any article lost, stolen, or damaged during the time a treatment is being carried out.

· Earth & Beauty will not tolerate any inappropriate acts. I understand that my session will be terminated due to any form of inappropriate behaviour or aggressive behaviour/language. A commitment to professionalism must always be adhered to.

· Nutrition Advice: The information provided is not intended to replace individualised medical or dietetic assessment or advice. You are strongly recommended to discuss any health or digestive concerns you have with your GP or another registered medical practitioner or your specialist dietitian. The information provided is for educational purposes only, and can indeed provide transformational results, but all results will depend on each individual's own body, health and lifestyle, as well as their commitment to the changes being made. Clients are responsible for purchasing their own food items, supplements and products and Earth & Beauty does not accept any liability for complications that may arise from use of these products, all of which are purchased from a third party source. Clients should assess recommended products' suitability for their own individual needs based on their physical and mental health, affordability and likelihood of using the products for the full course of their recommended use. Earth & Beauty does not recommend any method of food group eradication to anyone that currently suffers from or previously suffered from any type of eating disorder. Earth & Beauty does not accept responsibility for clients that use the information provided out of context or to those who partake in any extreme diets or meal replacement plans.